Art and Experience: Mandwa Film Club based in Pakistan has screened Majid Majidi’s ‘Children of Heaven’.

A Pakistani artist told the media that the film has been screened to bring the nations of the two neighboring countries closer to one another as the language of film making art does not bound to the limits of geography.

He also mentioned that the film has been screened in other cities of Pakistan before and each time it has been well-received by the audiences.

‘Children of Heaven’ narrates the story of two siblings who are from a relatively poor family. The two have to share a pair of shoes for some reasons. The brother makes some sacrifices for his sister to have a new pair of shows.

The film has been the first Iranian film to be nominated to compete for an Oscar.

It has also won several awards including an award from 1998 Montreal Film Festival.

The Pakistani film club is located at Lok Virsa Museum which is also known as the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage in Pakistan.

Source: ifilmtv