Art and ExperienceThe information center of the 30th Intl Film Festival for “Children and Youth” has held the first press conference of the international event, hosted by the festival director Alireza Rezadad.

During the press conference, Rezadad said “respecting the religious months of Muharam and Safar, we changed the time of the festival to benefit more from children’s leisure time, establishing the custom of going to movies regularly.”

He went on to add, “an agreement was signed among the cinema organization, the city hall of Isfahan, and Farabi cinema foundation to hold the children and young adults film festival in the cultural city of Isfahan.”

“In this year’s edition, we decided to separate the children’s category from the young adults’. Therefore, movies in each category are going to be judged and awarded independently,” he noted.

Answering to questions of journalists from several news agencies, Rezadad elaborated on various strategies of the festival, adding “while all sections will be held with due consideration, we have paid special attention to the animation section this year. We did our best to keep the balance between children movies and young adults.”

“I think the animation section will surprise everyone.  In my opinion, we should support our animators more since there is great potential in the industry. They are both talented and expert at what they do. It is a shame not to give them the required space to express themselves when international film festivals have welcomed them warmly in the recent years.”

Rezadad further stressed, “we must try hard to attract more audience to children movies since young people have lost their appetite for cinema due to the lack of attention.”

“This year,  we only chose films which were directly related to children and youth, omitting all unrelated ones depicting adult issues,” he added.

The festival will be held from June 30 to July 6 in Isfahan.