Art and ExperienceThe jury of the 30th edition of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth (ICFFY) has published a statement on the details of reasoning for choosing the winners.

According to the affiliated website, the jury’s statement, published recently, is as follows:

“The jury is pleased to mention in the category of the best full length films Honors Diploma for the full length film for Youth to the producer Umit Koreken from Tukey for the film ‘Blue Bicycle’.

The diploma is given for the delicate attention given to the topic of education, by making a film in the category of school films, a portrait of strong family relations and addressing to a youth audience.

With an anonymous vote the jury is pleased to award in the category of the best full length the film ‘The Skier’ by the producer Mohammad Ahmadi. The jury is very pleased with a positive character and realistic style of the film addressing an empowering and universal message to a children and young adult audience.

The portrait of the local customs and tradition of the ethnic community of the Bakhtiari-without making it a sentimental journey makes the film a memorable picture.

The jury is pleased to mention in the category of the best directing of full length film ‘The Skier’ by director Fereydoun Najafi. The film is capturing Iran’s Lorestan Province in an impressive cinematic portrait. The jury honors the directing of ‘The Skier’ that captures the confident smart and positive child character in the context of challenging circumstances.

The jury is pleased to mention in the category of the best film script: Mountain Miracle by scriptwriter Natja Brunckhorst. The jury appreciates the articulation and rhythm in the script and the choice of the topic about overcoming challenges of the illness and the value of friendship.

The jury is pleased to mention in the category of the best short that three short films have stood out. The jury has chosen to honor the best short award to ‘Are You Volleyball?’ directed by Mohammad Bakhshi, addressing a youth audience and an urgent and contemporary topic in a very stylistic and visual style.

The jury extends two honoree mentions to the short films ‘Sheyda’s Homework’ and ‘Il Silenzio’. The films stand out by the relevant themes, poetic style and compelling message for a children audience.

The jury is pleased to announce a special jury award for two outstanding young actors for the best performance with realistic and unforgettable styles. The jury concludes that the children in the films gave great performances, two characters stood out and therefore the jury is honored to give the special jury prize to these two extraordinary actors: Celest Holsmeier from the Netherlands for the film ‘The Day My Father Became a Bush’ and Habib Tajmiri from Iran for the film ‘The Skier’.”

The International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults is organized annually by the Farabi Cinema Foundation in affiliation with the Iranian Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs.

The event celebrates films made for children and youth. It also supports emerging filmmakers with innovative cinematic visions and ideas.

The 30th edition of IFFCY has been held from June 30 to July 6, 2017 in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Source: ifilmtv