Art and Experience: Chicago Reader Magazine announced “Fish and Cat” as the best movie of 2015. This magazine has wrote the best movies of the year in two lists which in the first list “Fish and Cat” is at the top. Film critic Ben Sachs wrote about “Fish and Cat”: “This is one of the most imaginative movies I’ve ever seen. Shahram Mokri’s audacious puzzle—which screened at Gene Siskel Film Center in February as part of its annual Festival of Films From Iran—unfolds in a single 130-minute shot, but not in real time; the story contains flashbacks, flash-forwards, and hallucinations. The filmmaking is never less than stunning, though Fish and Cat is much more than a formal experiment. It’s a piercing commentary about intergenerational strife in Iran, a suspenseful tribute to American slasher movies, a Beckettesque absurdist comedy, and a thoughtful meditation on the nature of memory—sometimes all at once. I hope an American DVD release is forthcoming; this is a film that can be revisited endlessly.”

“Fish and Cat” has been in Art and Experience theaters since the group started working and it has stayed on the screen since and known as the movie which has stayed the longest time on the screen in Iran’s history since revolution.

We can see “About Elli” at 8th place in the other list. Chicago magazine has been published since 1971.