Monday 23 May 2022
Cast of “Risk Of Acid Rain” in Kourosh Pardis

Cast of “Risk Of Acid Rain” in Kourosh Pardis

Art & Experience: The actor of “Risk Of Acid Rain”, Shams Langeroodi will be sit among audiences and watch the movie:

On Sunday(22 of November) Behtash Sanaiha(The director), Shams Langeroodi and Maryam Moghaddam will attend Kourosh Pardis to watch the movie at 8 PM with audiences

This movie has been on screen since 9 November in Art & Experience cinema group. “Risk of Acid Rain” tells the story of Manoochehr who is sixty and retired from tobacco office but he goes to the office every day since he doesn’t have anything else to do. His mother wished to see his marriage until her last day alive while Manoochehr didn’t even have any friends other than Khosro.