Art and Experience: Cast and crew meeting event of “Borderless” directed by Amir Hossein Asgari will be held on Saturday 30 April in Cinema Museum.

Following the previous cast and crew meetings of Art and Experience, the movie’s poster will be signed by the cast and crew of the film and the guests at 8:30 PM and after short talks of cast and crew the “Borderless” movie will be on screen for audiences at 9 PM.

The film is the story of a boy that always goes for fishing to a grounded ship remained from war in zero point border. He has transformed the grounded ship into the place for his seclusion and serenity to earn a livelihood as an angler. His seclusion and serenity has been disturbed when appear a stranger. The stranger claims owning the ship while the boy does not admit it and resists the strangers. To seize the ship, the stranger hasn’t way just dividing the ship to two parts with resorting to force. A few days later , another stranger enters to the ship …

Amirhossein Asgari was born in 1978 in Tehran. He began his work in theater and after completing his education at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts entered into the cinema and television. Assistant in more than 50 movies and series led him to make his first short film,the film called “Chort e Kotah” (2008) which was purely experimental . The film “Maybe another Time” (2012) is his second shortfilm,won the Audience Award of 2012 edition of Shortini International Short film Festival in Italy. Borderless is his first feature film, that has been experienced its global debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Screenplay/Director : Amirhossein Asgari, Executive Producer : Mostafa Soltani, Cinematographer : Ashkan Ashkani, Sound Recording Director : Mehdi Salehkermani, Set and Costume Designer : Siyamak Karinejad, Editing : Esmaeil Monsef, Music Composer : Amiryal Arjmand, Special Effects Manager : Farid Nazerfasihi, Makeup Designers : Hamed Bodaghi, First Assistant Director : Vahid Hajiloei, Second Assistant Director : Amirmasoud Asgari

Cast: Alireza Baledi, Zeynab Naserpour, Arash Mehraban and Arsalan Alipuorian