Art and Experience:The U.S.-based Iranian filmmaker Amir Naderi’s 2016 movie “Monte” is currently on screen at Tehran’s Art and Experience Cinemas dedicated to screening art films.

Internationally recognized Iranian director Amir Naderi reveals in a media interview that he warned cast and crew of his Italy-set film ‘Monte’ about a difficult experience before shooting the flick.

Iranian Auteur Amir Naderi who received Venice’s Jaeger-Lecoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award disclosed in a media report that he told the ‘Monte’ cast and crew making the film “will be like going to hell.”

He also said to them, “But if you stick with me, I promise you, you will see heaven. And that heaven is cinema.”

Shot in the Italian Alps, the film “is very much about pushing myself to the limit,” the Iranian director noted.

Naderi said the cast and crew had to deal with issues such as rounds of severe weather and communication limitations, among others. “They went through a lot,” Naderi said, adding, “But when we wrapped, they told me it was worth it.”

Co-produced by Italy’s Citrullo In’t, ‘Monte’ is  a drama about a man who attempts to bring sunlight to the village, where his family is barely able to survive because of the prevailing darkness.

Amir Naderi is best known for his great humanistic Iranian film ‘The Runner’ (1984).

Cast and crew meeting event of “Monte” will be held on Monday 7 August in Cinema Museum.