Art and Experience: Notable Iranian film ‘Leila’ by Dariush Mehrjoui has been rescreened in Art and Experience cinematic group theaters. The cast and crew meeting event and first screening was held with lead actors Leila Hatami and Ali Mosaffa attendance.

Hatami described her feeling as “amazing” following screening session of the flick held Wednesday at Cinema Museum of Iran.

Also present at the event, Hatami’s husband Mosaffa said, “‘Leila’ has been the source for much of my happiness and almost much of my resentment in life.

In the screening session, Iranian mega director Mehrjoui said about one of the greatest film in Iranian cinema, ‘Leila’, that “the film shown tonight… is a restored copy” with different sound and picture quality.

Hatami’s first appearance in a leading role was in the film ‘Leila’ (1997), grabbing her a Diploma of Honor from Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

Photo: Yasaman Zohortalab