Art and Experience: Hamidreza Bababeigi, the writer of Hossein Kondori’s movie “Cape”, has denied that any racist attitude exists in the film, which has provoked accusations of racism from a group of Afghan refugees living in Iran.

“Those people who have viewed ‘Cape’ as racist and dislike it should know that I’m the first in the line of people who hate racism or ethnocentric attitudes,” he said in a statement published on Saturday.

The Afghan refugees have found some swearing in the film by an Iranian character at an Afghan woman offensive to their people.

Bababeigi said that the Afghans have had a misunderstanding with the film’s story.

“This film is neither anti-Afghans nor anti-Iranians, neither anti-men nor anti-women, it provides a new insight to some problems emigrants face in Iran,” Bababeigi noted.

Starring Baran Kowsari and Reza Behbudi, “Cape” tells the story of an Afghan woman who begins a struggle to save her child in a strange society.

The film has recently been released on Iran’s home video network.

Source: tehrantimes