Art and ExperiencePhoenix Cultural Center in Toronto, Canada, has set to pay tribute to Iranian recently-demised actor Levon Haftvan.

The Toronto center will pay the tribute by holding a special screening for ‘Kupal’.

Late Levon Haftvan was an Iranian actor, screenwriter and director. He passed away on March 10 due to a heart attack.

‘He was a powerful actor, a creative artist and a wonderful person. Only he could have played ‘Parviz’ so splendidly and only he could have played ‘Kupal’ so smoothly’, Phoenix Cultural Center-Toronto wrote on its media pages.

The Phoenix Cultural Center is one of the most distinguished Iranian film centers, promoting Iranian cinematography, abroad.

The Center was established in 2015 and since then has grown in the main cities such as Montreal and Vancouver.

‘Kupal’ directed by Kazem Molaei was Levon’s last movie.

The flick narrates the story of Dr. Ahmad Kupal, a taxidermist hunter who faces a challenge just before the New Year.

The memorial ceremony is set to be held on March 18, 2018.

Source: ifilmtv