Art and Experience: Iranian short animation ‘Bystander’ directed by Sheyda Kashi has made it into the screening program of 29th Istanbul International Short Film Festival in Turkey.

‘Bystander’ is about an old man who is living behind a window from where he sees a dark world and remembers his past when he had participated in a revolution.

The 8-minute animation has been accepted into the non-competition section of the 29th Istanbul International Short Film Festival, scheduled for 14-21 December 2018 in the Turkish major city.

‘Bystander’ has recently received an honorary mention at the 4th Vladimir Film Festival in Russia. It has also won the Best Animation Award at the Global Youth Film Festival Rangpur in Bangladesh, Best Animation award at the 2018 International Youth Film Festival “Light of the World” in Russia, as well as the Best Short Animation award in the 2018 Picture this…film festival in Canada.

Source: Mehrnews