Art and Experience: Iranian movie ‘Blockage’ and winner of the Busan Film Festival will be screened in the Iranian cinemas soon.

Directed by Mohsen Gharaei, the movie will appear on the silver screen in Mandana Cinema group in Tehran.

‘Blockage’ chronicles a devastating chaos that occurs to a man who works as a street vendor control officer.

The male lead is a part-time worker who deals with illegal street stalls in Tehran. His hot temper always invites trouble.

In October 2017, films from South Korea and Iran’s ‘Blockage’ were announced Saturday as joint winners of the Busan International Film Festival’s main competition section.

Both films were considered to be worthy of the prize due to being “tightly scripted, and displaying vivid detail and excellent craftsmanship”, according to the BIFF jury panel.

‘Blockage’ won the New Currents competition which focuses on first and second features by filmmakers from Asia.

Source: ifilmtv