Art and Experience: “The Buried Secret”, an Iranian-Lebanese joint production featuring the struggle of a mother during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, was reviewed at a meeting in Tehran on Monday.

The meeting was held after a screening of the movie at the former United States embassy in Tehran, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Tuesday.

Iranian director Ali Ghaffari, producer Morteza Shoeibi and a number of film critics attended the meeting.

“The film, with an entire cast of Lebanese, was shot in Lebanon with the aim to be screened in the Arab-speaking countries of Lebanon, Egypt and Syria,” Ghaffari said.

Shoeibi also noted that the film has been made based on a true story, aiming to depict the pain of those mothers who suffered over the loss of their sons.

The film is due to have a public screening within the next few months, he added.

Amer Kalakish, also known of Abu Zeinab, was a resistance fighter who died during an operation against an Israeli convoy in 1985. His operation killed 12 troopers in the Israeli occupation forces and wounded 14 others.

Carmen Lebbos, Ammar Chalak and Yussef Haddad are among the main cast members.