Art and Experience:

The 38th International Fajr Film Festival’s growing list of international films will now also be featuring the Turkish drama “Brother’s Keeper” and the Slovenian film “Deadlock”, the organizers have announced.

Directed by Vinko Modernodorfer, “Deadlock” begins with the old torrential rain cliché amid heavy traffic, and narrates the story of two married couples from different classes of society who incidentally meet on a single night following a tragic event that later changes their lives forever.

Modernodorfer started his career in Ljubljana, working with numerous theater companies in Slovenia after studying at the Academy for Theater, Radio, Film and Television. He has also published several poetic writings and books as well as children’s stories and poetry.

In his film “Deadlock”, Moderndorfer focuses on morality and questions the worthiness of one’s life over the other based on social class or ethnic background, presenting the audience with feelings of pain and the experience of loss.

“Brother’s Keeper” by Istanbul-based Kurdish director Ferit Karahan narrates an emotional tragicomedy novel featuring a young actor as the leading character.

The film begins in a Kurdish boarding school in the mountains of Eastern Anatolia, attended by Yusuf and his best friend Memo as pupils. Yusuf is faced with the struggle to challenge the school’s strict regulations to help Memo after he mysteriously falls ill. The plot of the movie complicates after the school is buried under heavy snowfall with no way out and an increasing desperation to address Memo’s deteriorating health.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 edition of the festival was canceled, but the organizers have said that this year the 38th edition of the festival will be held as planned and is scheduled to take place in Tehran from May 26 to June 2.

Source: Tehrantimes