Art and ExperienceTwo Iranian short films have been accepted to compete at 2019 Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) in South Korea.  

‘Breathing’ directed by Farshid Ayoubinejad and Roqiyeh Tavakkoli’s ‘Hanged’ are the two selected Iranian shorts that will be in contention at the 36th edition of the Korean film event.

A tagline for ‘Hanged’ reads, “Parvaneh is a forty-year-old girl who is always hungry.”

The cast list of the film includes Maryam Nikaeen, Fatemeh Mojibiyan, Mehdi Marashi, Shima Arabshahi, Fereshteh Sajjadieh and Dorsa Eshaghi.

Ayoubinejad’s ‘Breathing’ is about workers of a stone factory who don’t have health care and have to hide in a dark and small room every month when the insurance agent arrives. This time, though, as they lie low there something unexpected happens.

The short flick has so far attended a number of international film events such as the Human Rights International Film Festival in Italy. The same festival awarded the film the Best Short Film.

The BISFF was established in 1980 aiming to create a film-making friendly environment to discover gifted film professionals.

The latest edition of the film event is slated for April 24-29, 2019.

Source: ifilmtv