Art and ExperienceBrazil Film Week in Iran is set to wrap with screening Brazilian Oscar-nominee ‘Boy and the World’.

A local media report said, the event underway in Iranian cities of Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan will draw to a close later on Friday, adding Oscar-nominated animation hailing from Brazil is slated to be shown as the last screening slot.

The Oscar-nominee will be featured at Iranian Artists Forum’s Nasseri Hall in Iranian capital city of Tehran as well as two other halls in Isfahan and Shiraz at the same time.

Brazilian Film Week in Iran started on October 7 at three Iranian cities of Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan.

‘Boy and the World’ is a 2013 Brazilian animated film written and directed by Alê Abreu. It was nominated at the 88th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and won at least 40 awards at various film events.

Brazil Film Week in Iran is a joint venture between South American country’s embassy in Iran and Art and Experience cinematic group.

Source: ifilmtv