Art and Experience:  “Botox” and “Extra Sauce”, two films by Iranian directors, will go on screen at the 38th edition of the Torino Film Festival, which will take place in the Italian city of Turin from November 20 to 28.

“Botox”, a co-production between Iran and Canada, by Kaveh Mazaheri is about sisters Akram and Azar. Both lie about their brother’s disappearance, telling everyone he fled to Germany. Day after day, the lie becomes bigger and more unmanageable, leading everyone to a dark and mysterious destiny.

Mazaheri is the director of “Funfair”, a short film that won the Best Non-European Independent Dramatic Short Award at the 15th edition of the European Independent Film Festival (ECU) in April.

“Funfair” is about Majid, a young, financially struggling man who comes up with a ploy in order to better the life of his wife Sarah.

Directed by Alireza Qasemi, the short “Extra Sauce” is a co-production between Iran and Germany. It is about Hans, a mediocre, heartbroken actor, who is greeted by an Angel of Death after attempting suicide an hour before his play’s premiere. A sarcastic conversation begins as Hans tries to convince the angel that he should be brought back to the world of the living while the angel enjoys delicious cheeseburgers and lemonade, and gives the actor relationship advice.

The film won the best screenplay award at the 23rd Canberra Short Film Festival last year. German actors Antonio Lallo and Ben Janssen shared the best actor award for their roles in the movie.

Qasemi is also the director of “Better than Neil Armstrong”, which scored a big success at the Southport International Short Film Festival in England in June.

The awards for best film and best drama went to the movie.

The film also brought Qasemi the Best Live Action Short Film Director’s Award at the 18th Pune International Film Festival in India during January.

The sci-fi “Better than Neil Armstrong” is about four kids who start their journey to the Moon with the mission of finding a mysterious place called “Redland”, but the gates of the place are being guarded by a mischievous snake.

Source: Tehrantimes