Art and Experience: Amir Masoud Soheili’s short film ‘Blue Eyed Boy’ has won the First Place Best Short title at Dominican Republic’s international female film festival, Femujer.

The International female film festival dubbed as El Festival Internacional de Santo Domingo Mujeres en Corto (Femujer) announced Blue Eyed Boy as the winner of First Place Best Short title marking the 15th international award received by Amir Masoud Soheili’s production.

Femujer 2016 convened in the Dominican Republic from April 5-9 hosting Blue Eyed Boy which has greatly impressed world film critics during its some 30 screenings at international festivals.

Soheili’s latest short film, which was premiered for the first time in Canada at EBIFF, is called Blue Eyed Boy. It was selected in more than 40 international film festival and has won a Grand Prize in Mirlift International Short Film Festival in Morrocco, Best Film in the World Auteur Short Film Festival in India, Tio 10 Best Film in the Beinten Film Festival in Russia, and the NETPAC Student Award from the Jogja Film Festival in Indonesia.

Produced in 2014 and lasting for 18 minutes, the short film narrates the story of a young village boy, who sees the world only through the colour blue. The boy’s traditional family, worried about his bizarre condition, takes him to the doctors who confirm he is healthy. The light-hearted film deals with the idea of individualism and the struggle with the traditional family to accept the boy’s unique perception of the world.

Since 2009, Femujer international female film festival has been the only way for women filmmakers in Dominican Republic and around the world to show their stories using short films fiction or documentaries.