Art and ExperienceCarnegie Screenwriters 2nd Annual Script & Screen Festival in the US is to host animated piece ‘Blows With the Wind’.

Directed by Hazhir Asadi, the animation will compete at the 2018 edition of the American festival.

The animation has so far won nine awards at the various international film festivals.

‘Blows with the Wind’ narrates the story of a scarecrow that faces some unpleasant events. The scarecrow becomes human and breaks away from those situations.

On the way he sees two other scarecrows whose conditions are not better than that of him. Thus he is on the horns of a dilemma and must make a tough decision.

More than 20 international film festivals have so far hosted the animation ‘Blows with the Wind’ in 2018.

The Carnegie Screenwriters (CSW) is a diverse group of creative individuals of various backgrounds and ages.

The Carnegie Screenwriters provides an active, supportive community for scriptwriters of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.

They work together in an environment of mutual respect and fellowship to share resources, provide encouragement, motivation and constructive feedback on members’ scripts, concepts and works-in-progress.

The festival is slated for August 25-26, 2018.

Source: ifilmtv