Art and Experience: Iranian film ‘Birthday Night’ has won an award at the Third Eye Film Festival in India.

Written and directed by Omid Shams, the movie won the grand prix at the 16th edition of the event.

The flick narrates the story of two friends and business partners, Ahmad and Ali, who face unexpected challenges on their birthday night.

The Third Eye Film Festival, which is One of the most credible film events in India, screens works from different countries including Iran, India, Nepal, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the US, Egypt and Morocco.

Held in December, the film festival holds various sections including best short and feature film sections, Spectrum Asia, Films By Women Film-makers, European Connection and Asian Film Culture Award.

The Third Eye Asian Film festival awards filmmakers who make efforts to popularize Asian cinema in the world.

The festival was held on December 21-28, 2017, in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Source: ifilmtv