Art and Experience: Nasser Zamiri will direct “Betadine” film produced by Majid Barzegar.

The license of this movie has been given and soon it will begin pre-production. Majid Barzegar is the producer of the film “Betadine” and he is the successful director of “Parviz” film and other than directing he has been a producer for a number of young film directors for their first film. Movies like “Jumping from low hight” (Hamed Rajabi), “Memiroo” (Hadi Mohaghegh), “The Pot and Oak Tree” (Kiarash Anvari), “Valderrama” (Abbas Amini) “Farshchi family story” (Nader Takmil Homayoun) short movie of “Struggle” (Masoud Hatami) were produced by him.
“Betadine” is a film based on a proposal from Nasser Zamiri and the script was written by Nasser Zamiri and Mehdi Zia Chamani and it has a non-conventional Synopsis: “Think that you are sleeping on the bed and a creature with its strong jaws and teeth may bite your face any minute. ”
So far, cooperation of Amin Jaafari (film director), Leila Naghdi Parry (costume designer), Ali Derakhshandeh (Planning and First Assistant Director), Mehdi Barzegar (production manager) Ali Zadmehr (Public Relations Manager) with Betadine film is definitive.