Art and Experience: Impressive 3D animation ‘The Gools’ jointly produced by Iran and the US has been unveiled at 2018 Berlinale market.

The amazing toon directed by Farzad Dalvand was offered at the European Film Market, a film trade fair running simultaneously to the Berlinale.

EFM is a major industry meeting for the international film circuit.

Some Hollywood actor did the voice-acting for the animation inspired by an old Persian story narrated to Iranian children.

“After learning to protect a truce among a community of animals, three young goats embark on an adventurous journey to keep a ceasefire intact throughout their society,” a summary plot read for the flick.

‘The Gools’ is currently taking final production stages after two years of work on the project.

European Film Market opened on February 15 as part of the 68th Berlin International Film Festival.

Source: ifilmtv