Art and ExperienceCo-produced by Iran and Germany, ‘Being a Woman’ will appear for its first international screening in the 44th Festival of Nations in Austria.

‘Being a Woman’ has been written and directed by Mohammadreza Rasouli and produced by German producer Shoberl and Iranian producer Majid Yousefzadeh.

Rasouli had participated in the 42th edition of Festival of Nations in 2014 with his short film ‘A Murder Story’ and won the festival’s golden statue.

Festival of Nations is an international short-film festival taking place in Lenzing, Upper Austria, running on May 13-19.

‘Open Window’, directed by Afshin Rezaei, is another Iranian short film to be screened in the Austrian festival. It narrates the story of a young man weary of the hustle and bustle of urban life. He chooses to live in the countryside as suggested by his sister, and while there, he encounters a series of strange events.