Art and Experience: Ivo-Alexander Beck, the director of the Berlin office of the Bavaria Television Production Company, has met the director of Iran’s Farabi Cinema Foundation, Alireza Tabesh, in Tehran, the foundation announced on Monday.

Beck said that his visit to Tehran gave him an opportunity to develop his knowledge of Iranian culture and its cinematic potential.

Due to German people’s desire to learn more about Iranian culture and its cinema, he expressed his hope that the meeting would lay the groundwork for collaboration on joint projects.

He also announced his company’s readiness to screen films from Iranian cinema on German TV as well as in the country’s movie theaters.

Tabesh also said the Farabi Cinema Foundation is eager to collaborate with the Bavaria Television Production Company.

“It’s time to prepare more materials from Iranian cinema for a wider audience in Germany,” he remarked and added, “Iranian filmmakers would be pleased if their works could be screened in German cinemas.”

He said that the Farabi Cinema Foundation and the Bavaria Television Production Company has previously cooperated on the exchange of films and expressed his hope that the two centers could expand their relations on joint projects.