Art and Experience: The Casa Asia in Barcelona is reviewing six movies by new generations of Iranian filmmakers during a program that has been in progress since October 3.

The films represent various aspects of the daily life in contemporary Iranian society and the characters interpret figures from domestic, urban or rural landscapes.

“Yeva”, a co-production between Iran and Armenia directed by Anahid Abad, is currently on screen at the Spanish center.

The film tells the story of Yeva, a young woman who escapes her influential in-laws with her daughter Nareh after her husband’s tragic death, and takes refuge in one of the villages in the Karabakh region. She is a complete stranger in this ballgame and is obliged to live her daily life in disguise.

“Yeva” was Armenia’s submission to the 90th Academy Awards, but it did not make the shortlist.

“Wild Jonquils” by Rahbar Qanbari is scheduled to be screened on October 10.

The film is about a rural school that receives a warrant from the Ministry of Education, stating that if the capacity is not utilized as required, the school will be shut down. The teacher decides to go to the neighboring villages to convince all the parents that education is a must. When he falls ill, things get complicated.

Mazdak Mirabedini’s “Footwork” is another film selected for the program. The film, which will go on screen on October 17, revolves around Mohammad Ali, an actor and filmmaker who returns to his country Iran to begin a new life with his painter wife Mitra. Finding a home seems impossible, however, and a baby is on the way.

The lineup also includes the drama “Orduckly”. Directed by Behruz Gharibpur, the film tells the story of Ordakli’s father who is a technician at the Tabriz Railway Station. He is forced to move to Tehran to treat his wife who is suffering from a terminal illness. Once in Tehran, he registers his clever son at a renowned school without thinking about the tragic consequences he will be facing.

The next film is Ali Zhakan’s drama “First Autograph for Rana”, which will be screened on November 14. It is about Jahangir, a writer whose three books have been published but he doesn’t have any income.

Jahangir and his wife Rana and their 6-year-old son Nima live in one of Jahangir’s friends’ home but his friend needs his home and they have to move out while they don’t have any money to rent a house.

Director Soheil Movaffaq’s comedy “Pastarioni” has also spiced up the program. The film will be on screen on November 21. It tells the story of an intense rivalry between a luxury Italian restaurant and a small family restaurant in Tehran, which leads them to unite.

The program is being organized in collaboration with the Asian Film Festival Barcelona, which screened the movies during its previous edition in 2019.

This year, the festival also plans to screen 12 movies from Iranian filmmakers, including “African Violet”, “Castle of Dreams” and “Dance with Me”.

Source: Tehrantimes