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Iranian drama film ‘Bandar Band’ by Manijeh Hekmat will go on screen at the International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne in Germany.

After taking part in Toronto, Zurich, Mill Valley, Bosphorus, Hainan, Films From the South, and Kolkata film festivals,  in its 19th international presence,  ‘Bandar Band’ will take part in the  International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne in Germany.

Directed by Maijeh Hekamt, the film centres on a trio of musicians who have entered a music competition in Tehran, but whose travel plans are complicated and upended by the 2019 Iran floods.

“In southwestern Iran’s Khuzestan Province, floods have turned the landscape into lakes, obscuring the roads. Over the course of a day’s journey in this watery world, three musicians — Navid, Amir, and the very pregnant Mahla — refuse to be deterred by the soggy and often completely submerged motorways, as they are set on making it to Tehran for a battle of the bands that evening. The path to Tehran, however, is not an easy one. The physical obstacles of the flood begin to take a mental toll on the band — a metaphor for a generation that’s had to endure their dreams being challenged at every turn,” the synopsis read.

The cast includes Reza Koolaghani, Pegah Ahangarani, Amir Hossein Taheri and Mahdieh Mousavi.

The Women’s Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne was founded in 2006 as the merger of the biennial festivals Feminale Cologne (founded in 1984), and Femme Totale Dortmund (founded in 1987). Since then, the festival has been alternating between the two cities. After Créteil, the festival is one of the most prestigious events dedicated to women’s films. It has an excellent reputation outside of Germany, reflected again and again by visits from prominent guests and a strong program of films. The clear thematic limitation results in a highly concentrated target group audience and corresponding industry representatives from film, television and the press, and cultural associations involved in this field.

Source: Mehrnews