Art and ExperienceThe Iranian short documentary ‘Azadi Cinema’ by Mehdi Torfi was awarded Nordic Aurora Award for Best Documentary Film at SCIFF.

Mehdi Torfi was Iran’s only representative at the Scandinavian International Film Festival (SCIFF) held in August in Finland.

The festival’s trophy, Nordic Aurora Award, is derived from the ancient mythology of Scandinavia.

Cinema Azadi has been displayed in different countries across the world including Bulgaria and UAE and many viewers and cinematic critics welcomed the documentary.

The filmmaker tries to review the art and cultural position of Khuzestan in his work. The short documentary features the fate of the lone theater in Susangerd in Khuzestan province, which goes through vicissitudes over the past years and gradually deteriorates into ruins.

SCIFF is considered as culture high level event in Helsinki, Finland. The festival aim to create a wonderful screening environment allowing participants to feature their films in the high quality venues available to the audience in Helsinki.

The SCIFF’s objective is to highlights today’s conflicts such as Racism, Radicalism and Human crises issues to the Scandinavian and European audience by edifying and developing the Finnish and the international cinematic community, who focuses and faces those topics.