Art and Experience: Cinema Organization of Iran (COI) Director Hojatollah Ayyubi said on Saturday that he is preparing a report on Iranian cinema that will be sent to Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

He made the remarks in an interview he had with the Persian service of ISNA, ahead of Iran’s National Day of Cinema, which falls on September 11 this year.

“In this report, which I am planning to submit to the Leader as the strong supporter of Iranian cinema, I will explain how this cinema has moved toward his concerns during the past three years,” Ayyubi said.

“I think it is the time to do what I have long planned to do, that is to present a report detailing what films were bestsellers and what films with what quality are being screened,” he stated.

Ayyubi also added that he will be sending the report to the Ulema as the respected religious society to say how many films with what themes have been produced so far and how the tastes of filmgoers have changed over the past few years.

“I will also mention the number of films produced with the central theme of religion hope and Sacred Defense in the report, since I believe the cinema of Iran is a frontrunner against the cultural invasion of the West in Iran,” he remarked.

Moreover, Ayyubi met several veteran actors on Friday ahead of Iran’s National Day of Cinema.

He visited actor Ezzatollah Entezami, who is known in Iran as the “master actor”, in his home, and held talks with the actor.

Entezami, 92, said that he spends his time reading books and thinking of those who were once his coworkers and are not living in proper conditions these days.

He expressed happiness that the youth are working under better conditions these days.

Ayyubi next met Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz in his home.

Pointing to the recent favorable changes in Iran’s cinema, Keshavarz said that cinema of Iran has been making good progress, adding, “We all need to create a good atmosphere for the youth to continue their artistic careers in our own country.”

Actor Ali Nasirian, 81, was the next to visit Ayyubi on Friday. Nasirian called the opening of the Art and Experience Cinemas, in which the late Abbas Kiarostami was also interested, a good event, adding, “I believe cultural cinema must be separated from general cinema.”

Ayyubi also met filmmaker and producer Manijeh Hekmat who recently had heart surgery. Hekmat who was delighted to see Ayyubi asked for the reasons behind the establishment of so many cinematic festivals that are held every year.

The COI director also appeared in the house of veteran actor Davud Rashidi, who died of heart failures at his home in Tehran in August at the age of 83.

He paid his respects and held talks with the family of the late actor. Filmmaker Kiumars Purahamd was also accompanying Ayyubi in this visit.