Art and ExperienceIranian director Ali Fakhr Mousavi’s ‘Autumn Memories’ made in collaboration with the Czech Republic and Ukraine is due to be screened at Iranian cinemas.

A local media report said on Saturday that the film which was fully shot abroad will hit the big screen at the “Art and Experience” cinematic group in Iran.

The film ‘Autumn Memories’ is considered first experience from a broad international collaboration of thespians in Iran, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The flick was presented at the Art & Experience section of the 35th Fajr Film Festival in Tehran. The drama also opened the “Dream City” Rivne International Film Festival in Ukraine.

‘Autumn Memories’ is an anti-war romantic drama and was screened at Ukraine theaters in 2016.

The picture “brings viewers to think about how you under any circumstances do not lose the ability to love,” Ukrainian media association, Curious Ukraine, wrote in a news article.

Nazanin Ahmady Shahpour Abady is the film’s female lead.

Source: ifilmtv