Art and Experience: ‘Autumn Leaves’ directed by Mehdi Fard-Qaderi has been set to represent Iran at the River Film Festival in Italy.

“On a rainy night a man runs through several options in his head, imagining different futures for himself,” the ‘Autumn Leaves’ synopsis reads.

Born in 1986 in Neyshabour, Fard-Qaderi has a degree in the restoration of ancient buildings and finished the Iranian Young Cinema film courses in Tehran.

He made his first short film, ‘Alternation’, in 2005. His other short film credits include ‘Life of Khorshid’ (2008), ‘Gramophone’ (2010), ‘The Reversed Circles’ (2011), ‘Mirror Narration of Simple Stories’ (2013) and ‘Story of Rainy Night’ (2014).

‘Immortality’ (2016) was Fard-Qaderi’s feature film debut.

The 2018 River Film Festival is the 12th edition of the event. Over the years the festival has matured and became an event with a strong cultural connotation.

The festival will be held from May 25 to June 9, 2018, in the city of Padua in Italy.

Source: ifilmtv