Art and Experience: JT (short for Jeremiah Terminator) LeRoy emerged as a literary sensation in the mid ’90s, which made it something of a surprise when it was revealed 10 years later that he didn’t actually exist. Jeff Feuerzeig’s documentary “Author: The JT LeRoy Story,” which tells of what’s been described as “the biggest literary hoax of our time,” just premiered its first trailer exclusively on Apple.

Actually the pen name of Laura Albert, LeRoy made headlines for his novels and memoirs, capturing the popular imagination to such an extent that Albert eventually had to call upon a female friend to dress up and make public appearances as her authorial alter ego. Terry Gross, Laura Albert, Winona Ryder, Courtney Love, Madeleine Brand and others appear in “Author,” either as fans or interviewers of the writer; one imagines they were none too pleased when the truth was uncovered by the New York Times in 2006.

Feuerzeig’s film first premiered at Sundance, where it was met with largely favorable reviews. Amazon Studios & Magnolia Pictures are set to release “Author” in theaters on September 9.

Source: indiewire