Art and ExperienceIranian ‘Auntie Frog’ has succeeded to gain 3rd spot at the Iranian box office after four weeks of screening.

Directed by Afshin Hashemi, the movie has sold a total of 10,560,100,000 Rials so far, with the weekly gross of 3,301,030,000 Rials.

‘Auntie Frog’ is the same name that glittered years back in the movie ‘Golnar’ with due attention to Iranian culture in a musical and educative setting for children.

The film with full representation of fantasy features a nice set of puppets made by Marzieh Mahboub.

Besides making it an enjoyable experience for kids, ‘Auntie Frog’ aims to introduce family concepts and close-knitted relations of grandmothers and their grandchildren as well as pathways to collective collaboration in dealing with issues.

Source: ifilmtv