Art and Experience: Three Iranian movies are competing in the Athens International Film and Video Festival, which opened in the United States on Monday.

“Another Time” by Nahid Hassanzadeh will be screened in the official competition.

The film is about Ghadir, a chemical plant worker, who is arrested during a demonstration and imprisoned without trial following a protest against being unpaid for over a year. However, he is released one year later with no explanation given. On arriving home, he finds his daughter, Somayyeh, has given birth out of wedlock.

Mohsen Eslamzadeh’s documentary “Alone among the Taliban” that portrays 15 days of his stay among the Taliban has also been selected.

In addition, Adnan Zandi’s “Butterflies” about a mother who struggles to find a place to nurse her son is competing in the short film category of the festival, which will announce winners on April 9.