Art and Experience: Mr. Manfred Kritsch is from Cologn and is the presenter of Deutsche Welle, which has been a regular presence at the IFM since 2003 has been following all new Iranian films. Deutsche Welle is here at the IFM to present its productions to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). He noted that since his network produces documentaries, it has not been able to find any other customer but IRIB.

Is this your first time that you experience participating FIFF?

No, actually it is my twelfe time. I am a little bit familiar with the Fajr International Film Festival.

This is the second edition of the festival which is being held separately from the national section , how do you see this event?

This is the first time that I am here that the FIFF is being held separately from the national section, so I do not have the experience and as this is my first day here I can not share my point of view with you. I might be able to inform you at the last day to be honest with you, but I have heard from my colleagues that the timing is more suitable than before as it does not coinside with the Berlinale.

Since this is your twelfe time here in the Fajr Festival, how do you comparethis edition with the previous ones?

The Fajr Film Festival is gettting more and more professional, there are more and more interesting people coming here who are interested in the film products, I think the organizers have invited the right people. It is getting bigger and bigger and better and bettter which is another good point and as u see I have been here in IFM for twelfe times which indicates how interested we are in the Iranian market, so that is the reason why we keep coming here again and again.

How did you see the festival atmosphere?

I believe that all the visitors who have come to the FIFF are happy to be here, so am I, That is the atmosphere which is so friendly which absorves us all as foreigners to feel comfortable.

What motivated you to come here?

The motivation in my case is to make good business and to display our products and to show the other people what Germany is and of course what kind of documentaries we have, including animal documentaries or landscape documentaries and technology documentaries.

How do you find the Festival venue which is in the heart of Tehran?

I think when it is in the middle of the city, there would be more crowded by the enthusiastic audience as it is easier for them to have access to the cineplex. Although I think it might make no difference for the film market as the specialist who are interested in documentaris or artistic film would go anywhere to find them.