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 A lineup of 13 movies by Iranian filmmakers are being screened at the Asian Film Festival Barcelona currently underway in the Spanish city.

“The Inheritance” directed by Sadeq Daqiqi and “The Reversed Path” by Abolfazl Jalili have been selected to be screened in the official competition of the festival, which will run until November 7.

“The Inheritance” is about Adel, a 16-year-old boy whose parents have divorced and his mother lives abroad.

He lives a very happy and extravagant life with his father in Tehran, until his relatives who live in another province ask his father to remarry. Despite Adel’s disapproval, his father travels there in hopes of getting married. However, on the way there he dies in a tragic accident. Adel’s relatives want to take over his guardianship until the age of 18 so he can decide wisely regarding his inheritance. However, Adel wants his independence immediately.

“The Reversed Path”, also known as “The Contrary Route”, tells the story of Emkan, a 17-year-old teenager who has not seen his father for many years and his mother works in a factory until late at night. He has a small recording camera and he decides to make a film to give a twist to his routine life. Although Emkan is not very proficient, he tries his best to achieve his goal.

Directed by Alireza Amini, “The Fourth Round” is the sole Iranian film competing in the Panorama section.

Involved in different legal and illegal petty works, Mohammad is working and living in a room in the biggest football stadium in Tehran with his wife and his little son. During a riot in the capital of Iran, he disappears while two women are looking for him impatiently: his wife, Maryam, who is going around all through the city, and a convicted woman, Shahla, who needs him because he is the only witness who can save her from death with a confession in the appeal court.

The Discoveries Section features “180º Rule” by Farnush Samadi, “The Dogs Didn’t Sleep Last Night” by Ramin Rasuli, and “Children of the Night” by Behruz Nuranipur.

“A New Day” by Negin Kianfar, “The Blue Girl” by Keivan Majidi and “Cinema Shahre Gheseh” by Keivan Alimohammadi and Ali-Akbar Heidari will be screened in the NETPAC Official Section.

The Special Section of the festival is also screening “The Slaughterhouse” by Abbas Amini, “Drown” by Mohammad Kart, “Bandar Band” by Manijeh Hekmat and “Walnut Tree” by Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian.

Source: Tehrantimes