Art and Experience: Asghar Farhadi stated that filming of “Salesman” is going to be continue next month, he said: “The film wont be ready for premiering in Nowruz and at the Festival International Fajr Film Festival in March.”
Asghar Farhadi came to Milad Tower last night (9 February) for watching the movie of his assistant, Hamid Reza Ghorbani  and he watched the movie after a welcome to the cast and crew of the film “The House on Forty-first Street” in the main hall meeting of Milad Tower. In response to his assistant how he assesses the first film, “The Forty-first Street movie house is a good, honest, simple and no-frills movie and I liked it, The director of this movie can have a bright future because the movie was beyond a first film. ”
Farhadi further pointed out that the film is the only film festival that he has seen, said: “I have not seen the rest of the films and I dont have any special comment about their similarities to my films.”
He also talked about producing process of his film “Salesman”and whether its going to be release or not, he explained: “We are filming the movie and it will continue until the next month.”
Director of “A Separation” declined the screening of “Salesman” in the International Fajr Film Festival: “Salesman” will not be ready for the International Fajr Film Festival and having it participate in the international sector is not possible.”