Art & Experience: At the first night of the screening event of the Art and Experience cinematic group, Kashan was the host in Bahman cinema center at Wednesday night. A host for the screening of Parviz movie directed by Majid Barzegar.
According to Kashan Online, before the screening of Parviz movie which was well-received between those interested in cinema art, head of the Islamic Culture and Guidance department of Kashan gave a short speech. He expressed his satisfaction with the well-received screening of Majid Barzegar’s movie(Parviz) and he hopes that the screening of Art and Experience group movies will continue in Kashan.
Mustafa Javadi Moghaddam said: seventh art has its own passionate and special audience in Kashan, and I hope that the screening of Art and Experience group’s movies with the experience of questions & answers between audience and filmmakers will be welcomed and useful for young filmmakers and other cinema fans.
The head of policy council of the Art and Experience cinematic group appreciated some people like Hamid Akhund Nasiri and Negar Gharibi,natives of Kashan art, that made many efforts to make Kashan participate in screening of  Art and Experience group movies. He also noted that many provincial capitals have submitted their requests for the screening of this group’s movies, but the track and interest of Kashan’s people; turned Kashan to be ahead of other provincial capitals.

After the movie’s screening, in an interview with the journalist of Kashan Online,Amir Hussain Alam al-Hoda added that the Art and Experience cinema is the cinema for screening another type of movie and never claims to be the majority. He added that the art and Experience cinema is in minority but claims reference being and wants to start a dialogue with the audience that is willing to watch the other kind of cinema.

He expressed satisfaction with the tolerance of the system and giving opportunities to young and aspiring artists in cinema and the audience welcoming the Art and Experience cinema in Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz and Zahedan in the recent 14 months. He added that one of the most important benefits continuity of this type of cinema is to experience the trial and error by its perpetrators, especially young Iranian directors and the other benefit is fostering new audiences in the Iranian cinema, and definitely these two positive points will have good effects for our culture and the popular and decent cinema of our country.

After screening the movie, answer and question session between Majid Barzegar(director) and some audiences was held with the presence of numerous and tenacious audience in the hall of movie screening.