Art & Experience: On 11th of November, opening of the Art & Experience group proprietary cinema was held in Zahedan with screening the movie “Snake Oil”. Alireza Davoodnejad(The Director), Amirhossein Alamolhoda(The manager of Art & Experience Group), Hossein Mesgari(The headmaster of whole guidance department of Zahedan ), Meysam Mezlaghani(The manager of Art & Experience distribution ) and Shahin Amin (The cinema critic and Art & Experience’s site manager) were present in the event.

This ceremony faced the welcoming reaction of Zahedan’s people and they had a good presence in the event for buying “Snake Oil ” tickets. Davoodnejad bought ticket from the mechanized ticket selling machine of Eshragh cinema as the first honored customer. After the screening of the movie, the review session of Snake Oil was held with the presence of Shahin Amin and Davoodnejad and the audiences asked their questions.

The opening of two workshops were held on Thursday morning with the presence of Shahin Amin and Davoodnejad in Zahedan.