Art and Experience: Iran’s Art & Experience Cinema, dedicated to indie, non-commercial films, has become a member of the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE).

Iran’s ‘Art and Experience’ cinematic group is dedicated to the screening of worthwhile, non-commercial films with a focus on the artistic form and the use of new methods of expression and cinematic narratives contrary to the techniques used in commercial and mainstream film.

Many Iranian films that find an opportunity to be screened and supported by the Art and Experience later find their ways to various international film festivals and win awards.

The International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE, from French Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d’Art et d’Essai) is the only international art cinema organization of its kind which supports and promotes independent cinema, and protects “the cinematographic diversity against the supremacy of so-called commercial filmmaking.”

Founded in 1956 by the national art house cinema associations of Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland, this non-profit organization has over 2,000 active members in the art and experience cinema, and unites more than 3,000 art house cinemas from 41 countries across the world.

The CICAE’s main office is located in Berlin, Germany.

Source: mehrnews