Art and Experience: The newly assigned head of IOC insisted: “In this organization, based on the programs and plans, everyone would work in the most favorable position and place.”

Regarding the probable changes in the managements in the different departments of the organization, Mr. Heydaraian talked with ISNA: “These changes are not separated from our plans. We should announce our plans so that everyone would be present and active in the most favorable and appropriate place and position.”

He also reminded: “Our revolutionary and rotatory policy are serious and comprehensive; therefore, where ever this rotation is a need, it will be done.”

Heydarian continued his remarks about the “Art and Experience” group: “Next point is about the “Art and Experience” group. I think dealing with these kinds of films is a prosperous happening and a suitable approach, therefore their presence is absolutely necessary. They are the craftsmen who carve the raw stones into magnificent necklaces ornamenting our cinema.”

He also mentioned: “In the case of any necessary improvements, we need to have a meeting with them personally, and talk it over with their presence. However, the profits and the gains for the cinema, the culture and the participants of this group is something that should be provided altogether. Therefore, the changes should be guided towards accomplishing these benefits.”

The Head of the Iran Organization of Cinema also talked about the Fajr International Film Festival: “This is one of the best things that have been happening for years. Mr. Mirkarimi is one of our best friends. He is also one the most talented and tasteful artists and directors, and based on the report presented in the last meeting with the minister; apparently, he is one of the best directors and mangers too.

He said: “I believe that this international festival can quickly reach to a suitable and good local, national and international position. And we should all support it.”

In response to the next question regarding his priorities for the Iran Organization of Cinema based on his experiences after being away from this field for almost a decade, he said: “I have never left the cinema. In fact, I have been active in this field for 35 years and 2 days. I have been present during the past ten years. I have even been cooperating with the “Muhammad: The Messenger of God” project, and I was informed about everything.”

He said: “The fact that I received my order yesterday morning, had a high council committee meeting at noon, and announced 2 enactments in the afternoon proves that I haven’t been away from the cinema at all. My most important priority is to set and announce a very coherent and solid 5-year plan at the beginning of the New Year. The pilaster of this plan is, undoubtedly, the participants. In the meantime, providing and creating new capacities for them and entrusting them with this responsibility in one of our plans, and the next step, which is the supporting and observing this process, is our responsibility.”