Art and Experience: “Art and Experience” cinematic group is an opportunity to show worthwhile movies chosen from non-commercial ones, in order to demonstrate the brilliance of their creators in the cinema community. It also makes a profound impact towards improving Iranian filmgoer’s knowledge regarding movies as well as flourishing artistic aspects of Iranian cinema. In this program, the tem “art film” refers to any cinematic work- including short films, feature films, documentary and animation films- whose forms and content can impress the viewer’s aesthetic-tastes and emotions and bring in immense satisfaction. An art film should also enhance the viewer’s tact and discrimination in terms of visual aesthetics. Furthermore, the term “experimental film” refers to movies which present new methods of expression and cinematic narratives, on the contrary to the commercial and mainstream movies. It is worth mentioning that brilliant and distinguishable movies that belong to mainstream cinema have not found the opportunity to be screened and are now given a chance to be shown in this group. Art and Experience cinematic group invites the filmmakers and producers whose works meet the following requirements to submit their works to the office of this group. You can read the requirements and conditions in the catalog below:

Art and Experience Catalog(Download)