Art and Experience: The Arri Group, a German manufacturer of motion picture film equipment, has joined up with Iranian director Mansur Foruzesh to produce a short film entitled “When I Killed the Cat”.

This 15-minute movie, which will be a joint production of Iran, England and Hungary, is about a man who kills his cat to erase some of his bad memories.

“We spent about six month finding a company to sponsor the project, as the screenplay had been completed a year ago,” Foruzesh said in a press release published on Wednesday.

“The equipment provided by the Arri Group is of great value, and if we did not have their support it would have been almost impossible to use such equipment in the production,” he noted.

“Due to our plans for numerous locations and special shootings, we needed the work to be highly professional. Therefore, all the members of the technical crew have an extensive background in large productions in Hollywood,” he added.

The project will be filmed in late August on location in a forest near the Hungarian capital of Budapest, and Marci Ragályi, the Hungarian cinematographer for big productions such as “Inferno” and “Houdini”, will be collaborating in this project.

Foruzesh expressed his hope that the pandemic would not halt his project.

His previous shorts “A Few Knots Away” and “The Hose” have been screened at several international events, including the Religion Today Film Festival in Italy.

Source: Tehrantimes