Art and Experience: Iranian animation ‘The Servant’, directed by Farnoush Abedi, will be screened at Arizona International Film Festival.

The 26th Arizona International Film Festival, the longest running and largest film festival in Arizona, will run from April 19 to April 30, 2017 at exhibition venues throughout Downtown Tucson where Farnoush Abedi’s animated piece ‘The Servant’ will be also shown.

‘The Servant’ will be screened in the international event along with productions from America, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico, Greece, France and Cuba.

According to the director, ‘The Servant’ narrates the familiar story of a master and his servant, the story of a writer’s encounter with a gigantic insect: a cockroach. The cockroach becomes a servant but gradually begins to realize that it deserves better conditions, so it tries to turn the table and change the game in its own favor. The man, however, attempts to preserve the current situation but soon realizes that the game has no rules.

Arizona festival theme of Bridging Cultures provides a way for independent cinema to share images and voices from diverse cultures with Arizona communities. Since 1990, the Arizona International Film Festival has screened over 2600 films from 90 countries to 152,000 Arizonans of all ages.

Remaining true to the independent spirit, the Arizona International Film Festival is a venue for independent filmmakers in search of an independent audience.