Art and ExperienceIranian short film ‘Are You Volleyball?!’ has succeeded to receive 2 awards from the 6th edition of the Short Film Competition section at the US Forum on Law, Culture & Society.

Directed by Mohammad Bakhshi, ‘Are You Volleyball?!’ received Best Film Award and Best Screenplay award at the US event.

The film features a group of Arabic-spoken asylum seekers who arrive in an English spoken country border and can not keep going. They conflict with border soldiers every day till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between the two sides.

The film has earlier won a Guirlande of Honor award in the movies category of the 35th Sport Movies & TV Festival in Milan, Italy. It has recently won Best Short Film award at the Al-Nahj International Film Festival in Iraq.

The Forum on Law, Culture & Society (FOLCS) is committed to providing a unique, engaging, and entertaining experience for both the public and online audience in examining the big ideas of modern day, including matters of law, justice, human rights and civil society by bringing together influential artists, government leaders and public intellectuals in a dynamic setting that is spirited, enriching and alive.

The FOLCS helps audiences to connect, discuss, and—most of all—think about the way legal matters affect society and influence the artistic imagination.

The 2018 edition of the event was held on March 29 at New York University School of Law in the US.

Source: ifilmtv