Art and Experience:  Arash Abbasi, Iranian playwright and director, has been appointed as the art director of the first edition of ‘Orizzonti dell’Iran Short Film Festival’ in Italy.

Arash Abbasi, a playwright and director, did his postgraduate education at the University of Bologna, Italy. He has written 25 plays and directed 25 plays both in Iran and Italy. Abbasi has also been a jury member in several national and international theatrical festivals.

The festival is scheduled to be held on August 8-9, during which the selected works of Iranian cinema will be showcased at Palazzo Merulana in Rome.

‘Orizzonti dell’Iran’ is organized by the Italy-Iran Cultural Association ‘Alefba’, in collaboration with the CoopCulture organization in Rome.

The event will feature the most prominent films of recent years of Iranian cinema.

Source: Mehrnews