Art and ExperienceIranian feature ‘Risk of Acid Rain’ has been scheduled to be screened at Arasbaran Cultural Center in presence of the cast and crew.

Directed by Behtash Sanaeiha, the film is to be screened and analyzed on Sunday in Tehran.

The film is about Manouchehr, a 60-year-old retiree from the Iranian Tobacco Company, who still insists on going to work while he grapples with the loneliness of retirement.

When his mother passes away, Manouchehr who is unmarried with no other family embarks on a journey to try to find his one and only old friend Khosrow in Tehran.

‘Risk of Acid Rain’ is a minimal poetic story that addresses the ongoing human perplexities of love, death and sexuality. The film is also anchored by a strong lead performance from famous Iranian poet Shams Langeroudi.

The movie has experienced a number of international events, including Revelation Perth International Film Festival in Australia, Iranian Film Festival in Paris, France, Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden, and Prague Film Festival in Czech Republic.

The film also went on screen at the 33rd edition of the Fajr International Film Festival’s ‘New Outlook’ and ‘Art and Experience’ sections and won Best Script Award in ‘New Outlook’ and was nominated for Crystal Simorgh for Best Film in ‘Art and Experience’.

Sanaeiha’s production was nominated for Best Film, Best Script, and Best Actor awards and grabbed the Best Brilliant Talent Award (Best Debutante Film) in festival of Iranian Association of Film Critics.

Source: ifilmtv