Art and Experience: American AOF festival is to screen 15 Iranian films in its World Cinema section.

The CinePeace Distribution Group will show 15 Iranian feature, short and documentary films in the World Cinema section of the 13th American Action on Film Festival (AOF).

This year’s event is scheduled to be held August 17-26, 2017.

For the second consecutive year, Iranian movies will be screened in the World Cinema section of the festival, with ‘peace cinema’ movies comprising the majority of participations.

The ‘World Cinema’ competition section of the festival will show the Iranian movies ‘Cold Breath’ directed by Abbas Raziji (feature), ‘Parallel’ directed by Paricher Riali (short film), ‘Day Off’ directed by Aidin Pedari (short film), ‘Last Condition’ directed by Maryam Veys Moradi (short film), ‘Passenger’ directed by Shadi Shayan Far (feature), and ‘Phantasmagoria’ directed by Baha Jamali (short film).

The nominations list for the ‘Iran cinema competition’ section consists of ‘Photos Can Talk’ directed by Afshin Amiari (documentary), ‘Rain’ directed by Mohammad Javad Salehi (short film), ‘Ramble’ directed by Hooman Shahabi (short film), ‘Dar-Al-Salam’ directed by Ehsan Shadmani (documentary), ‘By Its Little Wings’ directed By Kaveh Marhamati (short film), ‘Synchronize’ and ‘The Road Will Never End’ both directed By Atena Mahmoudi (short films), ‘Tribune’ directed by Reza Keshavarz (short film) and ‘War Is Stupid’ directed by Saeideh Dalirian (short film).

The Action On Film (The AOF) is the go to festival for filmmakers, writers, producers, actors, DPs, composers and post production professionals to have their work recognized and honored.

CinePeace Distribution Group is based in Montreal, Canada.

Source: ifilmtv