Art and ExperienceInternationally acclaimed Iranian director Majid Majidi has short doc ‘Ashura Whisper’ on his résumé about Imam Hossein (AS).

The famed Iran helmer who has historical and religious direction credits, including blockbuster biopic ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ was in charge of ‘Ashura Whisper’ doc.

The documentary is themed on mourning ceremonies for ‘Imam Hossein (AS)’ at a Tekie or a religious place to observe rituals for marking the martyrdom anniversary of the third Muslim Imam.

Majidi’s doc has been shot with 11 cameras capturing visually aesthetic scenes from such religious ritual.

The director made the title as a labor of love and this is no wonder as he has already made a good number of internationally and critically acclaimed movies on religious and mystical concepts such as ‘The Color of God’ and ‘Children of Heaven’.

Source: ifilmtv