Art and Experience: This past June, actor Anton Yelchin suddenly passed away at the age of 27. While cinephiles everywhere will remember his numerous film roles, there are still a few posthumous releases featuring Yelchin due for release. One of these is Gabe Klinger’s feature film debut “Porto,” about two outsiders who embark on a night of carefree intimacy in the Portuguese city. Yelchin plays Jake, an American loner exiled from his family, who meets Mati (Lucie Lucas), a French student abroad with her professor lover. One day they find each other and experience a profound connection that’s revisited years later by the two as they’re separately haunted by their time together.

The film is executive produced by director Jim Jarmusch. This year sees the release of two Jarmusch films: “Paterson,” starring Adam Driver as a bus driver and poet who mines his life for his art, and “Gimme Danger,” a documentary that tracks the evolution of Iggy Pop and The Stooges.

Meanwhile, Klinger’s only previous film is the documentary “Double Play: James Benning and Richard Linklater,” which is a portrait of a friendship between the two renowned filmmakers, one still in relative obscurity and the other an Oscar-nominated director.

“Porto” premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival on 19 September. It will screen at the Zurich Film Festival this Saturday and the BFI London Film Festival next month.

Source: indiewire