Art and Experience: Hojatollah Ayoubi, Iran’s head of Cinema Organization gave attention to the letter of 300 short filmmakers in a note.

The contains of the note are as below:

“A note from dear Young Cinema Association was published these days which I don’t count it as a polite manner if I don’t give an answer to it.  A letter which I didn’t see any thing but purity and unison. It wasn’t an strong objection or the things some put in the headlines. There are two requests in this letter. One is to add a Simorgh to the Simorghs of Fajr Festival for short film and the other is a question about why we cut the budget for Young Cinema Association. Simorgh of short film has been omitted from the festival for several years, so for the come back it needs scrutiny in suitable time and changing in the Festival which is close to be held is nor possible nor desirable. Lets skip the part of short filmmakers concerns about their total rights for having their independent identity as short film cinema. And I am totally agree with this view. We should see does coming to this Festival has the compatibility with this idea or not? But the budget for producing not only didn’t cut in this year but also it increased up to 50%.  Even though the specialties for Young Cinema Association are less than last year like some other organizations due to the financial limitations. The priority that has been signed in the agreement is with producing film and it had a good increase too. Good Luck.”